Diverse Learning Environments

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We've designed a nurturing, calming environment for your baby to develop and thrive in! Our nursery provides the warmth and security your little one is used to receiving at home.

Your primary caregiver is focused on the individual needs of your baby, and will work with you to mirror your existing routine with bottle times, naps and playtimes to provide consistency. We’ve also designed our infant nursery to respond to your baby’s energy and curiosity.

While your baby is playing, your little one is also learning. We use our exclusive curriculum to help your baby reach key developmental milestones, including advanced motor skills, language, cognitive skills and social and emotional development.

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Your toddler will participate in fun learning activities and creative playtime that encourages exploration – while also introducing structure and an established routine. These experiences help make learning fun!

The foundation of our toddler curriculum is Creative Curriculum®, a nationally-recognized, state-approved program that supports your child in developing critical skills. 

  • Develop positive self-image

  • Encourage language development and analytical skills

  • Promote creativity

  • Begin increasing attention span

  • Encourage healthy potty training

  • Promote physical development and sound nutrition

  • Show more complex emotions

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The preschool years are a time of great creativity and social growth. We plan a day full of fun, engaging experiences designed to stimulate your preschooler’s body and mind.

At this age, school readiness becomes a priority. Our curriculum is focused on giving your child a solid foundation in the academic skills needed for Kindergarten and beyond.

Your preschooler will love all the planned, fun experiences in language, math, science, social studies, music and art – and so much more!

In addition, we supplement Creative Curriculum with our exclusive personal touch of extracurricular experiences. This program uses high-quality children’s literature to teach literacy concepts, including phonemic and phonetic awareness, letter recognition, and writing. The program builds character as children explore character traits such as responsibility, patience, creativity, and respect. 

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Our schools in Georgia offer free, state-funded Pre-K to help prepare children for success in Kindergarten.

We are Georgia Pre-K providers in the state, meeting strict standards for Pre-K program components, curriculum and assessments, and teacher credentials.

Pre-K Components

The overall goal of the Georgia Pre-Kindergarten program is school readiness. The program emphasizes active learning, consistent daily routines, and the use of positive behavioral management and assessment strategies.

The curriculum includes language and literacy, math concepts, science, social studies, arts, physical development, and social and emotional competence.

Pre-K Program Length & School Year

Georgia Pre-K provides a full 6.5-hour instructional day, 5 days a week, 180 days a year. Extended day services (before- and after-school care) are also available.

Demand often exceeds our available classroom space, so we encourage families to enroll early to secure their slot.