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After School 

You need a safe, supervised environment for your child to start and end the school day. We can help!

Your child will join in arts, academic, technology and fitness experiences – with daily homework support. So while you’re at work, you can rest assured your child is safe, productive and having fun!

During spring and winter breaks, teacher workdays and summer months, we offer full-day care with exciting field trips, special guests and hands-on activities!

Before School*
Mornings start early, and so do we. Get to work on time and avoid the school traffic by enrolling in our before-school program. We’ll provide transportation to school in the morning, serve your child a nutritious breakfast, and get the school day started right!

After School
After a long day of school, your child needs a safe, supervised environment with a blend of learning and fun. Throw in homework support, and you’ve described our after-school program! We’ll provide transportation from school to the center each afternoon, and serve your child a nutritious afternoon snack.

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Extracurricular Experiences

– Water-play/Swimming Lessons 

– Weekend Music Programs 

– Zumba & Dance

– Karate

– Foreign Language

– Advanced Arts & Crafts

– Culinary Arts

– Gardening

– Weekend Tutorial (5years-17 years) 

– Basketball Camp (M,T,W)

– STEAM Activities

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School Breaks 

Spring Break & Winter Break
When school is closed for teacher workdays, school breaks or summer, we’re open! During spring and winter break, we create an exciting, themed camp with exciting field trips, special guests and unique experiences to keep your child interested and having fun!

We know you need flexibility, so our school break programs fit any schedule. Attend the full week, a few days or just a few hours. And experience field trips and fun in a safe, supervised environment!

Summer Camp
For the summer we create a not-to-miss camp experience — with new adventures each week, exciting field trips, and special guests. Summer camp also includes basketball and STEAM Summer Learning Program. Each week is a new adventure with a different theme! Learn more.

Keep your child safe and engaged while making your daily routine less hectic!

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Funding Programs Options 

– Early Head Start 

– Special Needs Program 

– Private Academy 

– Quality Rated Subsidy 

– Georgia Special Needs Scholarship 

– Aret Scholarship

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There will be 3 separate 25 passenger buses to pick up from 7  different elementary schools. There is a list of students who will be picked up from each school. There will a roster for every school in which the bus driver will call when they pick up students then do  a count before leaving the school. Emergency medical: information

 for each child being transported file on the bus in a black binder. This binder will also contain emergency contact information for the child. Bus driver will check first aid kit on bus weekly.


Bus driver will clean bus daily. Mileage Chart: Staff will follow mapped route and not detour unless roads are closed but must contact center prior to taking different route. Staff will not make

any stops that are not scheduled. Liability: No child will be allowed to ride in unrestrained seat if not the proper age that does not require restraint.


No child will be transported without consent of the parent forms. Staff can not talk on phone while driving bus and no listening radio. Student Absentee: If child is not at pick up location on arrival to school or home, staff will call center to see if child has been picked up or absent from school before leaving scheduled location.

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Outside Play

The children will be allowed to play outdoors daily, except during inclement weather. Children over 12 months of age will play outdoors for a minimum of one- and one-half hours (1 ½ hours) daily. Children under 12 months must be taken outside for a minimum of one (1) hour daily. If for any reason, you do not want your child participating in outdoor activities, please bring a signed doctor’s note to that effect. Make sure that your child has the appropriate clothing for weather and shoes that will allow the child to participate on the playground.


Outdoor play will help children develop physically through muscle growth by riding, running, climbing, balancing, throwing, jumping, and digging. Outdoor environment helps children learn thru experience by free choice which is an integral part of our curriculum.