Performing Arts Enrollment Contract


$100.oo per child (Ages 12 to 15 ONLY) All students must be registered and a payment plan chosen in order to receive services. 

$150.00 Weekly ** Additional costs may apply for performances (costumes, props etc)

Late Pick-Up Charge: $1.00 per minute per child after 6:30 pm. Payment is due upon arrival of pick-up. Three late pick-ups may result in your child/children being dropped from enrollment. Late pick-up charges will be enforced. 

Return Check: All return checks are subject to a $30.00 service charge, after the second return check we will not accept any other personal checks on your account. In addition, you will not be able to use a personal check to cover the cost of the returned check. 

We/I hereby request that our/my child/children be enrolled in the Aftercare/Camp Program for the current school year. No refund or reduction of any charges will be made due to withdrawal, absence or illness. All payments are due on the Friday prior to the week of service. However, if you wish to prepay for 4 weeks at a time, the payment is due at the beginning of every four weeks and a discount will be applied.

We/I understand that if the payment has not been made by the Monday of the week of service my/our child/children will not be allowed to attend. 

We/I the parent/guardian of the below child/children have read the financial requirements and agree to abide by all.


Thanks for submitting!