Accepting Applications 


Admissions Requirements: Enrollment at Bizee Brains Learning Academy is based on first come first served basis when space becomes available. The nonrefundable application fee is $50.0) must be paid, and a completed application packet must be submitted prior to the child’s first day.

Parents or guardians must complete all forms contained in application packet with completion on file prior to child’s first day.

 Forms needed:

  • Enrollment application

  • Emergency Contact

  • Immunization Record Card

  • Field Trip Release no general release form acceptable.

  • Child Release Authorization

  • Transportation Form

  • Media Form (pictures)

  • Health History

  • Policy Handbook Checklist

  • Health Evaluation Form

  • Client Contact


Parents are responsible for supplying and maintaining accurate required record information and parents must escort child to and from the center.

For more information call



Frequently asked questions

Cost + Fees



(Tuition includes breakfast, a hot lunch and afternoon snack)

Infant (6 weeks- 12 months) 1 to 6 ratio


Toddler One (12 mos – 23 mos) 1 to 8 ratio


Toddler Two 1 to 10 ratio


Threes 1 to 15 ratio


Pre School – Four 1 to 18 ratio

$85.00/ CAPS

Private Pre-K 1 to 18 ratio


4-5 yrs old 1 to 20 ratio


Books Fee

3 yrs=$40.00 4-5 yrs=$100.00

Registration Fee/individual Family

$100.00/$150.00 annual

Drop In: $25.00

Weekend Tutorial

T-1=$45,T-2=$40,T-3=$35,T-4=$30 Reg students $25

Before & After School (5 yr olds)1 to 25 ratio: $60.00

Before and Aftercare Rates (In house and Public Schools)

Registration Fee


Aftercare (In House: Bizee Brains Learning Academy LLC)

$50.00 per week

Daily Camp: $45.00

Weekly Camp (Public Schools): $125.00 per week

Before Care ONLY (Public Schools): $40.00 per week

Aftercare ONLY (Public Schools): $70.00 per week

Before and Aftercare (Public Schools): $80.00 per week

5% Pre-Paid Discount (4 Weeks minimum pre-paid tuition)

10% Multiple Child Discount tuition only (2nd Child)

**All discounts are applied to the tuition balance

(After Scholarship, Vouchers and coupons have been deducted)

Tuition Fees must be paid one week prior to the service week.

A late fee $25.00 will be applied to all weekly accounts with an outstanding balance after Friday

Holidays, Vactions + Absences

Holidays, Vacations, or Absences:

Since our facility is open year-round Monday through Friday except for schedule holidays. Full tuition is still due for the days your child is on vacation, sick, or absent is due. The academy will be closed on the following scheduled days: Labor Day, July 4th, MLK, Thanksgiving, Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The academy reserves the right to schedule additional days. A yearly calendar will be given upon enrollment. Bizee Brains Learning Academy will follow Clayton County Schools based on school closings due to severe weather.

Staff Poilicy

The staff at Bizee Brains Learning Academy will be responsible for the safety of each child put in the care. Therefore, we have chosen individuals that meet professional and personal expectations and standards set forth by Bizee Brains Learning Academy. We have employed persons that have a nurturing and warm spirit, who can apply their knowledge of classroom management, understanding of a child’s development and respect as a small person.

It is our requirement as well as the state of Georgia that each individual go thru an extensive criminal background check. We also require three personal references from our employees from former employers and supervisors.

Bizee Brains Learning Academy required that our staff receives continuing education as required by the state. Each staff member must accumulate ten (10) hours of in-service each year. Our staff attends training in child abuse prevention and recognition, first aid, child development, communicable diseases, and teaching methods. The academy also mandates training for our curriculum to maintain a certain level of professional growth to encourage excellent staff.

We feel that the partnership between parents and teachers is very important. Therefore, we request that the teachers hold a parent teacher conference at least twice a year. If it is necessary the teacher, director or parents may request more conferences to be scheduled in the best interest of the child. Parent will receive daily progress reports. If you are concerned with your child’s progress please send a written notice to schedule an appointment with teacher and director.

Guidance + Discipline

Here at the academy we encourage a positive atmosphere of cooperation through learning and behavior. The lead teacher will be responsible for handling inappropriate action from a child to be redirected in a positive manner. Discipline is to promote self control, self- image and learn humility. Not at anytime is discipline physical, and is not related to naps, food or toilet training.

We will not use the word NO but tell them things that they are allow too do. Staff will be trained on how to help children make positive choices and be respectful to their peers and teachers. Bizee Brains Learning Academy can help the children accomplish this through gentle guidance, redirection, and close supervision.

We will follow the following procedures:

  • A child will be given a choice
  • If a child is harmful to another he will be removed and talked to.
  • Show correct behavior by role model
  • The child will be seated in an area where he can circle the expression and show how he feels.
  • Children that can not verbalize will be removed from harm if any, and behavior stopped immediately.
  • Verbal Warning
  • Child sent to office and parents notified
  • Parent, Teacher, Director conference

Nutrition Program

Bizee Brains Learning Academy nutritious food is prepared daily according to state and dietary guidelines. The academy wants to provide a program that teaches children how to:

  • To eat healthy and enjoy good food
  • To develop sound eating habits for a lifetime
  • Children learn to socialize and share a wholesome experience

Parents with children under 12 months of age must provide the facility with enough prepared bottles to feed child for entire day. For the health and safety of all of our infants, we cannot mix or prepare formula for bottles. All bottles must be labeled with child’s first and last name and current date. All bottles must have covers for nipples. Parents are responsible for providing diapers and wipes. If there are parents who are nursing their child, they are encouraged to set a daily schedule with the staff member to come and feed their child. Parents may provide bottled breast milk label children over one year of age is provided with a wholesome nutritious breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack. Meals meet all USDA guidelines. Menus are posted weekly. Each infant will have all items color code to ensure food, diapering and other items are given to the correct infant just an extra precautious to make sure infants are given the correct bottles ect. Therefore, colored masking tape will be place in child’s cubbies. bottles, pacifier, diapers and over bedding.

Children over one year of age is provided with a wholesome nutritious breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack. Meals meet all USDA guidelines. Menus are posted weekly. Children are allowed to receive seconds by staff members. Snacks will consist of healthy food, and milk, or natural fruit juices that are served with lunch as well. Menus will be posted so parents are aware of what will be served to children at the center.

If your child requires a modified diet for medical reasons, a written statement from a doctor must be on file. When a child’s diet must be modified for religious or who are vegetarian or culture reasons, a written statement of limitations or restrictions of food on child’s background information sheet must be on file filled out by parents. We will try to provide special diets but leave the right to have parents provide certain foods themselves.

In the event the child is allergic to foods, the center must be notified in writing and a copy will be posted in the kitchen and in the child’s classroom and over the center in folder. These students will have red plates and picture of the child covering their food. Parents are asked to please watch the posted menus for foods your child maybe allergic to.

The academy asks that on special occasions such as birthday party’s at school the parent please be mindful of bringing nutritional “treats” for children must be store bought NO home- made foods. We ask that you let the staff member know in advance. Please do not bring food to the academy at any other time.

Illness or Accidental Procedures

  1. Children shall not be accepted nor allowed to remain at the academy if the child has the equivalent of a one hundred and one (101) degree or higher oral temperature and another contagious symptom, such as, but not limited to, a rash or diarrhea or a sore throat. Staff members are trained to greet and check children to make sure they are healthy enough to remain at the academy. Signs that show that children maybe sick and should not be allow to attend:

  2. Noticeable adverse reactions to prescribed medications by parents.

    1. Severe coughing, causing the child to make a whooping sound.

    2. Yellowish skin or eyes.

    3. A fever of 100 F with a combination of other signs of illness.

    4. Diarrhea and/ or vomiting two or more times in the same day.

    5. Rapid or difficult breathing.

    6. Stiff neck

    7. Untreated infected skin patches.

    8. Conjunctivitis

    9. Unusual dark urine and/or gray or white stool.

    10. Skin rash other than a localized diaper rash.

  1. A list of communicable disease is posted in the director’s office as well as in the lobby.

  2. Medications will not be administered by Bizee Brains Learning Academy. Parents must give medication before child enters the center with a notification of what medication was given in case of an emergency situation.

  3. A form for allergies and special needs, or health conditions during activities in the center should be completed by parents.

  4. For the protection of all of our children, no child will be accepted or allowed to remain at the center if he/she is ill. If your child becomes ill at the center you will be notified and expected to make arrangements for pick-up within an hour. This child will be isolated from the other children until parent or guardian can pick up child. Any child who has a temperature of 101 degrees, diarrhea, vomiting, sore throat or any other symptoms of illness may not remain nor be accepted at the center. Parents should exercise every precaution and keep their child at home and report his/her condition to the center. Strep throat, pinworms, viral infections, measles, mumps, chicken pox, scarlet fever, etc. are conditions categorized as “highly contagious”. Tylenol may be given only for the following and when prescribed by a doctor: teething, immunizations and to lower a fever in an emergency. It will not be allowed, in the center, to mask any fever if the child is ill. Children may return only if he or she is symptom free or accompanied by a doctor’s note stating the child is not contagious. The center will not administer medication to children.

  1. A child who is mildly ill (simple cold or mild allergies who exhibits not wanting

To participate in activities, but does not show signs of severe symptoms of above) will be taken care of in child’s group or director’s office until child wants to join the group.

  1. If staff shows sign of communicable disease, they are asked to leave center and a substitute is put in their place.

  1. Staff members will inform parents of a communicable disease and if their child has been exposed thru the sign in and sign out station. Or parent bulletin board as doctors or parents notify the center of exposure.

We will notify parents of any communicable disease. Children who

have had a communicable disease will not be readmitted without

written consent from their doctor. A list of communicable diseases

is posted in the office.


We ask that you give your child medication before entering the

center and please notify teacher. The academy will not be

responsible for administering medication. The parent is more than

welcome to come during the day and give child medication if they

feel it necessary.


In the event the child is allergic to foods, the center must be notified

In writing, and a copy will be posted in the kitchen and in the all


Special Needs

We will try to make accommodations for any child who has

special needs. If Bizee Brains Learning Academy provides

child care to all persons regardless of race, religion, sex,

national origin, or disability. The center will provide services to

children with disabilities in the most integrated setting appropriated

to their needs. A written policy will be specifically designed for each

special needs child by the teacher and parent before enrollment. We

will make any reasonable changes to accommodate serving persons

with disabilities.