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Bizee Brains Learning Academy is designed to provide educational standards and achieving proficiency through and age of a learning foundation. Our program immerses the children in a language and mathematical environment that is filled with print, manipulative, books on tape; items that help the child develop strategies to problem solve and communicate at an early age. The child learns thru experiences using all five senses in the program at once. Therefore, no child is excluded. His/her own learning style it is incorporated through out the curriculum.


Our program provides children a foundation of social development to join the exciting new world of education. We feel that is important to prepare each child for the challenges that lie ahead.

Health & Safety

 Our Center has been carefully designed to ensure it is a safe, comfortable environment that will accommodate the abilities and needs of all children. Our goal is to promote good health, safety and nutrition. Eating nutritious food is an important part of each child’s day. Food provided by the Center will be selected in accordance with Bright From the Start requirements.

Procedure: Center staff will provide:

 Offer a clean, well-maintained, safe environment with nutritious food for snacks and lunch

 Opportunities for learning how to take care of their bodies and develop self-help skills

 Opportunities for both rest and exercise with indoor and outdoor activities daily

 Welcome mothers to breast-feed their child and provide support for breast-feeding.

 Provide a comfortable and relaxed environment for the children & parents

 Encourage children to eat a variety of foods but be sensitive to individual food preferences and cultural preferences.

 Post children’s allergies in the kitchen. (Parents must make staff aware of any food allergies)

 Inform parents of any significant changes in the eating habits of their child.

 Model healthy attitudes towards food and meal times.

 Model healthy attitudes towards washing hands before and after meals and brushing teeth after eating.

 Discourage candy, gum, pop or other “junk food”.

 All babies will be held during bottle feeding.

  Staff will discard any unused liquid in bottles or cups to prevent the spread of germs.

 Staff will allow children time to eat and drink at their own pace.

 Staff will respect the parent’s decision as to when and what solid foods will be in

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