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Our Infant Program gets moving on a fast track to early learning! From 6 weeks until the walking stages, our teachers bond with your baby to foster a strong emotional connection so your little one feels safe and loved in this new environment. We spend quality time getting to know their individual needs so that we can collaborate with families to customize meal plans, daily developmental activities and give special attention during the times they’ll need it most.

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Our program is designed to provide interactive challenges that will encourage our students to emerge from their shell of shyness. This is the true stage of discovery and exploration: children have a natural desire to “push it to the limit” and experience the world around them without boundaries.

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The Preschool classroom incorporates immersive exploration centers that allow them to heighten their competency of academic subjects. STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) make up a large portion of our Preschool Academy’s curriculum in addition to: language and literacy, logic and reasoning, social studies and environmental awareness. We strive to instill more structure, accountability and independence  so when the time comes, our young minds can embrace the beautiful colors that make them so unique.

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Children that have participated in a Pre-K Program are more likely to show strengths in language, reasoning, problem solving, social skills, behavioral and emotional health – all of which are key to building a solid foundation for continued success through life’s learning experiences to come. We operate on a school-year calendar with a standards-based curriculum that assesses your child’s progress quarterly to ensure they are prepared for the routine and rigor of Kindergarten.

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Our Approach

“To offer secure and safe child care at all times; giving close personal attention to each child with creating innovative solutions to current educational issues through our experience and research-based practice."

It will be designed to give quality care and ensure success for all children that are enrolled at our academy. Qualified and certified personnel will run our facilities.